Benefits of Our Rental Management Service

At Greenleaf our mission is to get the right type of tenant for your property, and manage the relationship as economically as possible, with few complications for the owner.

We take care of everything for you.  You can give us the keys to your property and we will facilitate the marketing, showing, screening and signing of your tenant as well as the rental collection and administration after they have moved in.  We co-ordinate any and all repairs and maintenance that are required and account for it all on a statement that is delivered to you monthly.  When something happens that you need to know about we get you involved, but for the most part we handle it so you don’t have to.



Rental directories, social media, and networking.


Appointments with professional leasing agents.


Formal application process and reference checks.


Legally binding tenant contracts.

Rental Collection

We accept a variety of payment methods.

Maintenance Coordination

Ongoing relationships with maintenance partners.
Imagine having someone else paying your mortgage for you while we look after all of the details to make it happen. It is that easy!

Rental Property Types

We manage everything from individual condo units all the way up to large multi family apartment buildings, and we have been doing it in Calgary for 11 years.

Whether you have an apartment style condo, townhouse, single family home or multi family property we can take care of it for you with professional consistency month in month out.

Single-Family Home Rentals
Condominium Unit Rental
Multi-Family Property Rental
Investment Property Rental
Completely Furnished Rentals
Unfurnished Property Rentals
Our management team will advise you on the best way to maximize profit for your property, be it through yearly rentals, periodic rentals or even fully furnished executive rentals. Like you, we want our properties full and respectfully tenanted for top dollar and that is what we strive for on every lease we write.


The trick to maximizing rent is to have a well kept property, where everything functions the way it is supposed to.  The best managers achieve this at the best possible rate for their clients and with minimal  disruption to the tenancy.

Our years of experience have led us to Calgary’s best service companies for all of the work you will ever need done on your property.  And because we manage 100s of properties and send them consistent business we are able to negotiate preferred rates with them on your behalf.

Itemize Maintenance Requirements

We capture repairs and maintenance items either by our own inspections at move in / move out, the mid-lease walkthrough or a service ticket requested by the tenant.

Maintenance Item Prioritization

When a service request is received we evaluate it to see if it is a critical item that all landlords must provide for their tenants. Think plumbing issues, appliances, heat or safety concerns.

Maintenance Evaluation

If the issue is deemed to be an essential service, and the amount is a reasonable expense we will approve the work order and see it is completed. If it is a larger item we engage the owner for their direction.

Compiled Minor Maintenance Items

If it is not a critical system then we will either decline the request until there are enough small items for a larger work order, or we will engage the owner for their decision.

Ongoing Inspections

We do an inspection (either at move-out or mid-lease) and we see items that require repair we will arrange for them and will seek your approval to do so.
In all instances we deal with the service contractor and administer payment via the rent we have collected from the tenant.  All invoices and accounting are summarized for you on your monthly statement which you can access by way of your account with us at any time.

Steps to Renting Your Place

Getting your property ready to generate income for you doesn’t need to be a daunting process.  Here are the essential steps:


1. Fix Broken Items

If it is not a critical system then we will either decline the request until there are enough small items for a larger work order, or we will engage the owner for their decision.

2. Perform Any Maintenance

Take care of any preventative maintenance. The Residential Tenancies Act doesn’t require tenants to perform maintenance on the property.

3. Get the Property Cleaned

In order for our marketing department to do its job we need properties to be de-cluttered and clean. The better the condition the property is in when the tenant moves in, the better it usually is when they move out.

4. Appeal to a Broad Audience

Make it appealing to a broad audience. Tenants come from all walks of life, and the more generic the appeal the greater the likelihood of filling a vacancy, fast!

5. Get Us Into the Property

Get us in there! Once the property is ready to go we can begin marketing, showing and screening applicants for your property!

Tenant Attraction and Retention

Your property needs the best exposure possible.  We use the top rental websites available, coupled with professional photos, exterior signage, social media marketing and more to generate interest for your property.

High Quality Professional Photography

Listing on Top Rental Databases

Targeted Digital and Social Media Advertising

Dedicated Leasing Agent Team

Do you have an executive home or a fully furnished property?  Our industry connections to relocation companies, HR departments and staffing agencies help us to make connections with many tenants living abroad. Once we get a call it’s all about speed to lead!  We employ a team of professional leasing agents that also sell homes for a living, so they know the importance of getting to a prospective lead before someone else does.

Tenant Issue Protocols

The lease that we have with the tenants of your property governs our conduct with them.  Written with extensive consultation with lawyers familiar with the residential tenancies act, our lease is comprehensive yet simple for all parties to understand.

Our approach to tenancy communication is to be as open and forthcoming about the tenant’s experience as we can be.  Every property is a little different, but largely speaking our process works the same way.  With 1000s of tenants in 100s of properties over the years there are few situations that catch us by surprise, but when they do occur, communication is key, as is an objective mind to the issue at hand.  In rare instances, when required, we will seek the owner’s input on a tenancy concern that may affect their property.